#DontFeartheFinger AKA 1400 Miles

#DontFeartheFinger AKA 1400 Miles uses bikes and craft beers to spark difficult conversations with stubborn guys about prostate health. PROSTATE CANCER IS THE SECOND LEADING CAUSE OF CANCER DEATH IN AMERICAN MEN and if detected early, can often times be treated successfully. Early detection is key and it starts with a conversation. 1400 Miles is a non-profit that probes the conversation on prostate health. As a organization, we are raising money in efforts to engage male audiences through content-based strategies using bikes and beer as the catalyst to be proactive about prostate health. 1400 Miles serves as a “get checked” pre-diagnosis organization. In 2015, our two main goals we are working to get 1400 Men checked for prostate cancer! We will be hosting FREE PSA screenings during the Austin Community Ride. Also, we are currently working out details for a 4-day Men's Health Screening in Denver with our partners Pints for Prostates and Prostate Conditions Education Council (PCEC). More details coming soon! What are we doing about it? We are using bikes and beers to change the conversation on prostate health, making it easier to talk about! We attend and host many events throughout the year in efforts to reach more men, and start the conversation. In 2015, we will be co-hosting alongside Pints for Prostates and the Prostate Conditions Education Council to host three FREE SCREENINGS! Help us get 1400 men checked for prostate cancer in 2015! Free Men's Health Screenings: Testing PSA, Lipids, Glucose and Cholesterol -- Wednesday, September 23rd through Saturday, September 26th in Denver, Colorado